Wonderful Copenhagen’s recommendations:  
  • Make sustainable tourism growth part of Copenhagen’s long-term vision and commitment.
  • Ensure strong public-private partnership for sustainable tourism growth and consider new ways of funding tourism development that reflects our collective commitment and leadership in sustainable tourism growth.
  • Develop further insights and understanding of the competitive challenges of Copenhagen’s tourism product together with relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop the overall city narrative and brand to be used by both private and public players, centred on Copenhagen’s global leadership and local championship of sustainability – across major international events and whenever Copenhagen has special opportunity to gain global attention.


Wonderful Copenhagen’s recommendations:  
  • Create a program to develop decentralised tourism strategies and measures of success, co-created between local community, local industry, city and tourism developers. Address more aspects of the value creation of tourism – with relevance and direct impact on local lives.
  • Make channels available for Copenhageners to identify and voice tourism-related issues and opportunities on an ongoing basis.
  • Establish a task force to address top locations or aspects of the locals’ experience of tourism-related traffic issues.


Wonderful Copenhagen’s recommendations:  
  • Include sustainable tourism growth as a relevant element in urban planning, as well as a positive tool to strengthen the appeal of more city areas and neighbourhoods to locals and visitors alike.
  • Consider news ways to incentivise investment and initiative that spotlight Copenhagen as an attractive destination beyond the centre of the city.
  • Develop visibility and visitability of attractions outside inner-city area, using lighthouse strategy to make experiences around attractions more accessible to visitors.
  • Enable better, broader and more personal recommendations where credibility and opportunity exist (within hospitality, events, transportation etc).


Wonderful Copenhagen’s recommendations:  
  • Use C40 Mayors Summit 2019 as a platform for Copenhagen to push forward the sustainable travel & tourism agenda.
  • Collect more data from visitors and develop further new approaches to behavioural segmentation to both attract and encourage preferred visitor behaviour. Create digital infrastructure and platforms that enable targeting based on actual behaviour – to improve visitor experience and spending, manage and prompt visitor flow and maximize local benefit.
  • Inspire and enable visitor behaviour that sustains and projects the values and ambition of Copenhagen city and locals.