Accommodation doesn't wow visitors

As pointed out earlier, business visitors are impressed by the quality of accommodation. Copenhagen’s accommodation is rated a little above average in the Competitive Index across all visitor types. The Destination Assessment of Copenhagen, based on the number of quality experiences on TripAdvisor per bed night, emphasises a challenge for Copenhagen in terms of offering impressive accommodation experiences. Copenhagen receives the lowest number “very good” or “excellent” experiences when compared to 14 European capitals.

Source: 'Competitive Index, All Visitors', 'Competitive Index, MICE Visitors', 'Copenhagen Destination Assessment'

What matters? Hotel facilities, price, service and a wiew!

Analysis of reviews on TripAdvisor and follow-up street interviews show that service is a decisive factor in both the best and worst hotel reviews in Copenhagen. The combination of high prices and visitors’ impression of worn-down facilities contribute to the poor accommodation reviews. At the same time, positive reviews are given for competitive pricing, comfort, peace and quiet, convenient location, plenty of room space, a nice view, a clean and well-kept room as well as the possibility of having breakfast and coffee served in the room.

Source: 'Den Digitale Samtale'

Not all visitors find their way to quality food experiences

Visitors report a varied impression of the Copenhagen food scene. Business visitors are impressed, while Copenhagen’s food quality is rated a little above average across all visitors*. In the Destination Assessment of Copenhagen, based on a number of quality experiences on TripAdvisor per bed night, Copenhagen’s number of quality food experiences is slightly above average compared to 14 European benchmark cities. While some visitors point to Copenhagen’s food scene as something which surprised them positively, results from the Competitor Index analysis at the same time indicates that the selection (or lack of selection) of food options is a challenge for Copenhagen. This is confirmed by qualitative interviews, where some visitors have difficulty finding budget-friendly food options and therefore end up having lunch at international fast food chains rather than exploring local cuisine.However, while visitors report a varied impression of the Copenhagen food scene, a digital analysis of content on social media channels reflects a different picture. Pictures of great food experiences flourish on social media, with international visitors sharing pictures of Copenhagen’s colourful, Nordic and organic food scene. The same cannot be said for our biggest competitor, Stockholm.

*See visualisation at the top of the page.

Source: 'Competitive Index, All Visitors', 'Copenhagen Destination Assessment', 'Københavns DNA og Fremtidige Potentialer' and 'Den Digitale Samtale'

Copenhagen culture product is not a strengh

Four different analysis' point to the fact that Copenhagen’s culture product is not Copenhagen’s position of strength. Copenhagen is rated below average in the category of ‘culture’ in the Destination Assessment, based on number of quality experiences per bed night, on TripAdvisor as well as in the Competitor Index across all visitor types and for business visitors specifically.
Furthermore, when visitors are asked to choose which characteristics, they associate with Copenhagen from a list of 20 parameters, only 12% select the city’s ‘cultural offerings’ as a characteristic for the DNA of Copenhagen, placing in the bottom of the list.

Source: 'Competitive Index, All Visitors', 'Copenhagen Destination Assessment', 'Københavns DNA og Fremtidige Potentialer' and ‘Den Digitale Samtale’

Good infrastructure gives a good city experience

As pointed out, Copenhagen is the top city is term ‘Public transport accessibility’ and ‘Airport access’ in the Competitive Index across all visitor types. This is an important strength for Copenhagen as visitors and locals agree that a well-functioning and easily accessible public transportation system, together with the city atmosphere, are the most important aspects for making a city both livable and visitable. Furthermore, 57% of locals agree, that moving forward, Copenhagen should encourage more visitors to use public transportation. However, in the eyes of visitors, Copenhagen’s public transportation could be improved in terms of use and accessibility. Among visitors, there is a need for more information in and around the public transportation system is, and as a minimum, communication in English is required.

Source: 'Competitive Index, All Visitors’ and 'Københavns DNA og Fremtidige Potentialer'


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Who Copenhagen competes with

Major European tourism destinations like Berlin and Amsterdam are Copenhagen's close competitors. However, it's closest rival is the self-proclaimed Capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm, which outperforms Copenhagen in the competitive comparisons. Copenhagen leads the pack in fulfilling the overall expectations of business travellers.

How Copenhagen unfolds

The more neighbourhoods visitors explore, the happier they are with their stay in Copenhagen! Interestingly, Copenhageners and hospitality professionals typically recommend experiences related to Copenhagen's city centre. New accommodation capacity is similarly planned in the inner parts of Copenhagen, potentially reinforcing visitor concentration in specific neighbourhoods.