10XCOPENHAGEN was initiated as a major research project in October 2017 with the purpose of creating new insights to outline the direction for a competitive tourism development in Copenhagen towards 2030. We need these insights, because only by understanding the drivers and barriers of tourism growth, as well as the impact of tourism on the city, will we be able to foster future growth to the benefit of the city and its locals. The project title is inspired by Google’s innovation mindset, where improving something by 10 per cent means you are just doing the same as everyone else, whereas improving something by 10 times (10x) requires new thinking and differentiation from competitors.

The 10XCOPENHAGEN research includes a substantial focus on the Copenhageners’ perception and experience of tourism in their daily lives, in addition to the research on the competitive position of Copenhagen’s tourism product as well as the future drivers of tourism growth.

On this site, you can explore the results of the total of 9 reports produced as part of 10XCOPENHAGEN, as well as the recommendations developed by Wonderful Copenhagen on the basis of these results. The reports available here are based on the results of:
  • Surveys of more than 5,500 international visitors of which approximately 2,700 visited Copenhagen. Benchmark with 10 European competitor destinations based on 4000+interviews with visitors of benchmark cities.
  • Data analysis of more than 20,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, and 720,000 pictures from Copenhagen and Stockholm on Instagram and extensive database forecast analysis.
  • 183 street interviews with both international visitors and locals (including a number of street interviews with international visitors in Stockholm).
  • Surveys of more than 2,000 local Copenhageners as well as 9 focus group interviews & workshops with local residents and businesses of different neighborhoods, urban planners and tourism professionals and 8 expert interviews.
In short, there’s quite a bit of research to explore here!

Wonderful Copenhagen has been responsible for designing and carrying out the 10XCOPENHAGEN research project. We are very grateful to be able to share this new knowledge widely to further the tourism development of Copenhagen, which has been made possible with the financial contribution of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, who has made their contribution contingent upon Wonderful Copenhagen carrying out the project with no special consideration of the interests of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group or other special interests.

With our new knowledge, we now also have even more interesting, new questions to ask. And we are making all reports and Wonderful Copenhagen’s recommendations based on the research findings, available here on this site, because knowledge is nothing unless used and because we need to move in a new direction towards 2030 together – with all the good ideas and initiative of locals, temporary locals, the tourism industry, innovators, urban planners, decision makers and many more.

And, in case you were wondering (our dear Danish readers) why most of the information in here is in English, the explanation is twofold: First of all, reciprocity! We learn so much from looking at the knowledge and initiatives from other destinations (our colleagues and competitors) and secondly, because this is not a conversation limited to Copenhagen; we are taking part and further inviting a global conversation on the future of sustainable tourism development in cities and between cities. We want Copenhagen to stand out – but Copenhagen is also part of an eco-system that reaches beyond. We need to share and seek inspiration, experience and ideas both inside and outside our city.

We hope you will be part in this conversation and we look forward to discovering your ideas in return.

Happy exploration!