How Copenhageners experience tourism

67% of local residents in Copenhagen experience no problems with the city’s tourism and overall are positive about welcoming even more visitors to Copenhagen in the future.


When Copenhageners & visitors meet

Copenhageners appreciate visitors who respect the city and its customs, venture off the beaten track and blend in. Experiencing Copenhagen by bike is considered the ‘authentic way’, but bike lanes are also a major point of friction between visitors and locals.

What locals & visitors think of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a bikeable, liveable and easy to visit in the eyes of visitors and locals. However, while visitors are motivated by atmosphere, 42% of Copenhageners pinpoint the famous attractions as a major city characteristic – in contrast with only 17% of recent visitors to Copenhagen.

Who Copenhagen competes with

Major European tourism destinations like Berlin and Amsterdam are Copenhagen's close competitors. However, it's closest rival is the self-proclaimed Capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm, which outperforms Copenhagen in the competitive comparisons. Copenhagen leads the pack in fulfilling the overall expectations of business travellers.

How Copenhagen competes

Copenhagen is a hard sell, when it comes to value for money across multiple parameters. At the same time, Copenhagen leaves visitors unimpressed by the city’s experiences, and though home to 22 Michelin Stars, Copenhagen’s quality of food is rated only slightly above average.

How Copenhagen unfolds

The more neighbourhoods visitors explore, the happier they are with their stay in Copenhagen! Interestingly, Copenhageners and hospitality professionals typically recommend experiences related to Copenhagen's city centre. New accommodation capacity is similarly planned in the inner parts of Copenhagen, potentially reinforcing visitor concentration in specific neighbourhoods.